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A couple of Gospel Artists stand in the Gap

Help or wanting to be a blessing to someone or a group of people begins with the heart cause it is said in scripture that "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" and when the mouth speaks, the actions take course.

In these trying times of the pandemic : COVID_19, a lot of dreams have been shuttered, hope has been diluted, life has kinda taken a different twist of things and generally, a couple of people seemingly can't seem to know what to do and so they have lost hope and will to live on and dream bigger and bigger and better.

However, they will always be a "Ray of hope that shines and causes you to dream again and know that God still exists and that HE IS ALMIGHTY, yes a couple of our very own gospel artists have decided to stand in the Gap on behalf of the land by being a tremendous blessing with the little that they can.
To mention is Levixone, Ambassador Tony, Coopy Bly, PS. Wilson Bugembe, Samie Smilz to mention but a few!!

These have taken from what they have and have decided to be a blessing to their fellow artists, deejays, Presenters in the Christian fraternity. This is a very very highly commendable deed, act of love and oneness it surely paints a very big picture that there is brotherhood in the body of Christ Jesus and that sharing is caring.

As GMP PROMOTIONS, we celebrate these heros of love and great kingdom philanthropy and we must say, Reward is from and of God and that him alone that give unto them or cause men to give unto their bossoms with a measure that is overflowing, shaken together and running over in Jesus name. Amen.

Many blessings.



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