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What pushes you to pursue your Gift?

It is so absurd that many great great potentials have been burried and forgotten about all in the name of "somebody said this and that" and this has caught up with us and in the end we have become victims of circumstances hence leaving it at that.

              "When i was growing up from infantry i had this big passion for music and so my eyes, mind and body would stick onto the screen full time, watching live performances and this to me just made me sorted and so i wouldn't other things, i would just but stick around. However, many obstacles arose around me and they would seemingly be communicating other wise, words said like you cannot earn a fortune from this, stop wasting time and look for something else to do, something more viable than this whole aspect of music, this hurt me and to some point i thought to myself, why don't i give up on this and just be but heyyy!! this was a lie from the pit of hell, to cut the long story short, to date i have revived my dream and am in full pursuit of it " Story from Andy Walker Serwadda.

When we have dreams they are only valid when action is taken upon them, however the action process is what may frustrate some of us and in the end if we are not strong enough to hold on despite the hiccups then we are bound to lose it all and go back to square one which hurts so bad coz it is not anyone's desire or prayer to have his or her dream shuttered utterly. In this regard looking at the aspect of music or say the gift of singing/talent, many of us have this gift but we have coiled in the corner because of one thing among the many and that is "Words" that have been said to us but here is a great tip and that is choose not to "Listen" save your disability or past experience, choose not to "Listen" keep moving forward and forward and one day those that seemingly thought you cannot make it will be the same people to celebrate your victory and dance along them tunes of your sensationality.

So do not give up or even throw down the towel for greatness awaits you 
Its only one who runs to the finishing line that does receive the prize 





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