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Spread your Wings and Fly

As the eagle ventures out, it does not look at how feeble its wings are during infantry stage, it sees itself soaring high and higher and not limited by what it is currently.

Relating to the eagle, its sight does not see "cheaply" or things at present rather it does see far and so it sets out for that which it sees from afar with aim of grabbing a hold of it and taking full custody and dominion over it.
What is the lesson here???

As children of God we have been blessed with all things pertaining to life and godliness, but the shortcome is this, we have not allowed ourselves to *Spread the Wings and Fly* rather life and all its situations, demands and name it, have clouded our vision hence making our sight "myopic" not able to see far off and so we have concentrated on the "Now!!" holding firm our roots on it, and so this has made us lose out on the very many and bigger promises ahead of us which God has prepared for us to live in and enjoy.

Beloved it is not too late to get back on track, we can still reach out and catch up with that which He has prepared for us and live to the accomplished of the God-ordained purpose upon our lives.
His desire is that we will not fall short of these promises and the doing of his Perfect Will.

Let us do one thing among others, "Hearken to His Voice of Instruction" and walk and move in "Obedience".




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