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Christian Rapper Gagamagoo Goes Charity

Gagamagoo goes Charity with a project code named; #Project 5;2
 We all have that particular calling that God places on our hearts and spirits and until we fulfill it then we might end up running the race in vain. Every time God places a demand on your heart, it is simply a voice calling out for you to step into that zone and be a blessing save what you have at the moment, it is not about how much you have and with what magnitude you can accomplish what is before you rather it is all from a willing heart that is ready to go out of its way to do all it can do for God to water it more and make an increase out of it.

What is Project 5;2?
Project 5;2 is derived from the scripture of the five loaves and the two fish and with this account we all know what transpired; Jesus saw the multitudes of men close to 5000 and he was moved with compassion to find them something to eat for they were hungry and so he gets to have disciple Andrew who found a young lad who had gotten his lunch of the five loaves and the two fish, and this young lad gave in his lunch, we see Jesus giving thanks to God and breaking the bread and the two fish to feed the many men who were there. This simply paints a picture of love, compassion, giving and that one does not need to have a lot to give but out of a willing heart you share the little you have which God himself does multiply thereafter.

so this is what this project is all about, to basically step out and give the little you have with a heart of love and at the end of it all you will put a smile of hope onto the faces and hearts.

This project is to go on and on and as the saying goes; "Charity begins at home" which means that Gagamagoo chose to kick start this from his home town #Sagazi where he hails from and that he is to do it here for a while before he steps out to others areas, with this he will create an atmosphere of love and compassion amongst the people there.

Future Prospects
With this project, gagamagoo intends to reach out to thousands and thousands, this is what he confessed about this; "I intend to do this all my life" which means he is to keep doing this till Christ Jesus calls him home which implies its a life time venture not short term. Therefore it is a call and a challenge to those of us out there who have callings being sat on to step up and step out to do that which God has put on our hearts for in doing so we are walking in his perfect Will and doing what he delights in.
He intends to organise a concert next year and part of the proceedings will be geared towards this great cause. So when that time comes, let our hearts be open to share and support with the little that we have.



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