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Watoto Rejoices of the Victory achieved

Having heard about the watoto team that had travelled to U.K for ministry and them returning and testing positive to the corona virus this hit the entire watoto family so hard but it did not replenish their faith, it instead ignited them.

Now we all know it's God that gives Victory to us
Yes!! VICTORY is here as the remaining team mates have all been discharged having fully recovered from this deadly covid19 it is a great time of Joy and celebration and thanking God for this Victory.

They are all back home and serving their 14 days mandatory quarantine as it all fully gets back to normal.

The entire Watoto Church family is summountably grateful for the goodness of God but also for you the friends and fellow believers who have stood in prayer for them and that this battle has been because of faith in God and your relentless prayers.

Grateful to God
Happy to know that God answers prayers.



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