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Yesu Anjagala Carsteen & Ngabo David Unplugged

When God gives us a vision, in the first place it may look or seem not adding up or making sense, and in fact you literally get to a point where you resort to giving up on everything as your best option. 
However, God never makes mistakes and when he assigns, he aligns and does provide through it all, challenges will be there, ups and downs but all these come to check your faith's roots whether they are firm to hold you up and not to let you fall to the ground.

How this comes about
Seeing this kinda a poster is not from a surfacial point of view, it has an origin and this is it; earlier on this year in the month of February when God gave Zabuli this vision or say idea to groom and build and edify talent that is to say young christian talent, it did not first make any sense but as time went by, the journey nonetheless had to kick off, and with time joining hands with a couple of other amazing people, something was birthed and this was called the CAN YOU PRAISE TALENT SEARCH which got every one onto the inquisitive end, wondering what it all meant but it literally was on the look out for those that have talent but also talent that needs grooming and building on a foundation that has Jesus and his word plus the unction of the Holy Spirit, not just singers but singers with songs that are "God breathed" 

So the search begun and auditions came in, with over 46 contestants registering and 22 going for the live show rounds and then zeroing down to 6 finalists of which ladies and gentlemen these two wonderful souls Dave and Carsteen were among the top 6, and much as there was a cash prize up for grabs, i must say there was way more than just money, there was an eye that saw much more than that.

Carsteen emerging the winner of these competitions and Dave being a second runner up is all that went down into history, but to the present, we present to you the products from the "Can You Praise Talent Search" Ngabo David and Yesu Anjagala Carsteen who are gonna be live in an #UnpluggedConcert, this is typically a show down where we are gonna have these two sing their very own songs played and performed live with an incredible band put together to make it all work out for God's glory and adoration.

Looking at these two and the journey that they took to be here today, we can only say Ebenezar!! thus far the LORD has brought them together with the team working tirelessly.

Come witness amazing talent and gifting from these two gems
23rd June 2019
Eliana Hotel-Kiwatule Ntinda
Tax- Free



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