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Worship is more than a Song, its a lifestyle

So many times have we misunderstood, misquoted, this whole aspect of Worship, and yes we have gone ahead to dub it all sorts of names, titles, defintions, descriptions to mention but a few, however all we say is partly it or a quarter it, the real defintion is far away from what we term it to be, 
Today i want to share with us what Worship is, and what it entails;

Worship in the foremost bit of it, is a lifestyle you live in awe and in fear of God, how you carry and conduct yourself with the people around you, how you react to situations, the particular things that God has entrusted you with how you use them, etc...and all this is geared towards adoring God and giving him Praise for his goodness and love and mercy, the fact that you are able to acknowledge who God is and the fact that He owns your life and all that fills this earth and the heavens thereof, then this can be geared towards Worship.
When God created man, we see him giving charge to man, for him to have dominion over every fish in the sea, the animals that crawl on earth, etc...which is literally defined us the #CulturalCommission, in this regard, God sees this as an aspect of Worship to him, man taking his place and position to do as God instructs and to make sure that his acknowledgement is seen all over.

Scripture however writes and says that "If we fail to worship, then He will raise up the stones and trees to worship him, and to your shock and surprise ,these creatures and plants actually do worship God" which continually shows us that Worship is more than just a song sung on sunday, that soul song, no!!! songs are just an addition to adore God and to give him praise through the gifts he has endowed us with, but the actual worship is a lifestyle that you live, where your Pastor ain't, your friends or the church brethren, cause you need to acknowledge God even outside the church premises, the fear of God causes us to worship God, the knowledge on and about God causes us to worship Him, his relentless love causes us to worship him, etc...

Worship is unto God and not anything else or even lesser than that, it is the one thing that we give to God, cause much as we may have the moneys, the material things all these can never show our utmost gratitude cause remember scripture writes and says "Silver and gold all belong to him, this earth and all its fullness are His" Haggai.2:8 so it is paramount we get to know this whole Kingdom aspect of Worship.

Now getting to the song bit of it, here Worship is looked at as that song that you sing unto God, it can be either a declaration, a proclamation, a Psalm, a hymn, long as the reverence is God and the point of focus there of, then it is Worship, in this regard, the Word of God is paramount, the point of focus must be Christ, the inspiration and unction must be the holy ghost so as to fully be rendered as Worship, that is one of the songs that we normally sing, "I will bring you more than a song, for a song in itself is not what you have required, you've searched much deeper within, through the way things appear, you're looking into my heart" this explains a lot to do with the Worship that has got to do with a song or say songs, a lot is entailed, which includes the heart, with worship the "heart" is phenomenal, it is what God searches and looks as we bring him the worship. Scripture writes and says, "they worship me with their mouths but their hearts are far away" meaning we need to take caution here, worship has got to do with our hearts being true to what we say other than that we can lose it.

This day if we all get to realise how important Worship is, then we need to take it so seriously, lest we miss the mark and point of why God created us to worship, He would have chose the animals or the plants, but just because he treasures us the more, then we have got a big mandate on us, let us take our positions and do the needful in Jesus name. Amen.




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