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Life can and will actually have alot of things, circumstances and situations that will always speak not in favor of you, so this is how you will react; "God don't you care about what am going through?, God it seems i wronged you and that is why am going through all this that am going through etc..." but hey!! hold it right there, take off time and look at your life, look right from the moment you were born up to today, all that you have survived, the accidents, the traps of the enemy etc..and still you are alive today, able to breathe and move and do all that you are able to do.
So ask yourself a question, "Is this in my own ability and strength?" selah!!!

Listen up one more time, "God is not mad at you" He is "madly in love with you" scripture writes and says; "We are the apple of his eye" and so he does watch over us jealously and that he desires nothing bad happening to us in any way, that is how much he loves us.
John.3:16 writes and says "For God so loved the world that he gave His only son that whoever believes in him will not perish rather have an everlasting life" In this note these aspects of God's love for us:

a) The aspect of giving; not giving just anything rather that which is soooo precious and adorable in his sight, the darling of heaven 

b) His only son; this is so costly and so no one does this if they do not love you or say attach value to you. Jesus attaches the highest regard of value unto us as his children and so he is more than ready to do all it takes to keep us and guard us from anything that can destroy us and destroy eternally.

Friends, this is to encourage us that "God is not mad at you and me" Infact He just loves us so immensely that every time we are on his mind, he never sleeps nor slumbers just so that you and I are safe and well preserved in His arms of love.

Today if there will be a truth that you will walk away with tucked into your spirit, soul body and mind, then it is one that "God is not mad at you rather He is deeply in love with you"

So He is AFTER YOU!!!




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