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The Search is on, Zabuli Music presents : Can you praise?

#CanYouPraiseTS19W When we get to discover these particular talents/gifts in the inside of us, we normally do not be aggressive at it and so we tend to keep it calm or we tend to keep "laisser faire" attitude about it; however when things or factors that possibly keep pricking on our passion nerves start showing up on a consistent basis then there we realise that this is possibly the direction we are meant to take and preferably that is where our fortune to life's goodness and prosperity is.

So about this particular "Talent Search" it is the first of its kind in this our era of gospel music and as Zabuli she saw this as a way she can be of great help to those that have the gift but then for one reason or the other a lot of factors have kept them discrete and so they decide to keep it at that, but hey!! Zabuli has decided to call up for this using her "Renownness and her being a sensation plus her enormous connections" to call for this talent search and so this is what she says in her own words.

Zabuli presents can you praise

"I have organised this talent search cause i want to act as a bridge that people with gifts can use to connect with their God and stand before him authentic and ready to fulfill their God-given purpose and as Zabuli i feel like it is something i can give back to all the young artists choosing to stand with them through their thin moments"

So this talent search is aimed at looking for that one young artist who will stand out greatly among the many that will come through for the auditions through the elimination rounds to the finals. It is not restrictive to age, and then all genres are welcome to audition, you can rap, you can do dancehall, you can do soul, RnB are welcome to audition 
Registration kicks off on the 1st Feb- 14th February and the forms go for 10k Uganda shillings, this will take place at Hotel Elianah kiwatule.

Auditions will begin on the 18th to the 22nd February and after that we will have eliminations made to the finals stage.

This is one of its kind
It will have a lot of impact there after especially yo whoever will win
A big price awaits that person.

Keep it here for more details as they unfold.



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