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Art is in her D.N.A | Sandra Suubi beyond the Mic

Sandra Suubi is a great inspiration, her life is just amazing and all her ventures are strongly incredible. We all know her for being a vocal dynamite and indispensable when it comes to her holding a mic and sprouting with vocals so seamless and strong yet heart throbbing way beyond just being good, she sings life. For that side of her, we all know however allow me let you know of her other side, one that is not known to most of us and this is her artillery through the "Art and Craft" hand work and with this has she been able to help and teach many young girls and inspire and draw people into a place of not only should one depend on one source to earn a living but they should explore all the potentials cause you never know where the "fortune" shall sprout from and so there is need to know this and pick a leaf from Sandra Suubi.

Sandra Suubi makes hand bags, makes men's cross bags and she as well does decoration made from unique African materials, she as well does Jewellery that is quite unique and yet appealing and does look good on you when you match it up well. This is quite an adventure in a way that she just makes you realise that you need to explore more of what you can do, every potential in the inside of you needs to come out, cause you never know who is waiting to be inspired and given a reason to dream more and bigger so as to widen chances of giving sustainable impact and influence.

This is a need for all the other gospel artists to pick a leaf and see how to thrive beyond the microphone, and know that where the voice can't reach that other potential in the inside of you can reach and when these two finally meet up then the out come can be greatly incredible and outstanding.

Are you in a place of wondering how best you can win in life not only looking at one area as your source of income, then sit down and get back to the drawing board and ask the Spirit of God for guidance and make sure you follow the instructions there after.



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