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Change is Painful Yet so Important; #Mindset

Mindset is one aspect or thing that can get a hold of you, tie your hands and make you vulnerable to dangerous prey of life.
Listen!! this whole thing called mindset is on two sides; the positive and the negative, however the power to choose which flag you do wave is all up to you and totally you, so get thinking and pondering on this.

The negative mindset can literally flog you down, and make your purpose and destiny lame and lavished with blame, every one will run away from you cause no one loves associating with people on that side of life, their vision is impaired and compromised, their view of life is rubbished from every angle and so they are literally in a "dark world" much as there may be light where they are, and on the other hand, the Positive mindset, will be as through a rose flower that has just blossomed with flashing white petals, attracting the bees and other insects for nector, the same way with a person or persons that fall in this category of life, they have this life oozing out of them, they do not settle for anything less or malnourished, their vision is as sharp as that of an eagle, they care about what goes wrong and so they desire seeing life out of what is seemingly dead and left devastated, they are wonderful hanging around with.

Mindset can make you or even break you, its like a hinge to a door, when scooped out, the door cannot stand upright and anytime its bound to fall out, so we need to embrace it with wisdom, it is one thing that attacks and encroaches around the mind, that is why when there your thought pattern can either sprout with negative or positive thoughts and thereafter we will see the action-manifestation pattern too, which as well can be good or bad.  This is one of life scenarios, "suicide" where do you think it all begins from, the mind, it comes as a thought brought forth by anger, or depression or a situation unbearable ( outside negative factors ) and so the mind will process and thereafter bring the idea to action. In the same way with regards to personal development, social etc....the mindset you have towards something is always very important in regard to making good out of you and you impacting hitherto, so we need to be careful.

Scripture writes and says in Phill.4:8 "whatsoever things are true, praise worthy, of good virtue, think on these" which implies the mind plays a big role here coz thinking begins there and has its headquarters there, we need to embrace what scripture says so as to clean our mindsets.

Beloved of God, let our mindsets be seared with God's Word, let no world system or doctrine ever determine how we think.
*YOU NEED A BETTER MINDSET* and only can be found in His word with the Holy spirit unctioning and guiding thereof.



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