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Why You Must Attend NsiimaFestival18

From January to December, from 1st January to 31st December, God has been faithful, seeing you through the thick and thin, the ups and downs, when things are good and smooth and when the dark days play the longest scene in your life, etc...He has been there with you, to carry you through all these and still grant you the very best of life and all the good things, what best way can you return the same, money cannot satisfy him for He owns all the silver and gold plus the fullness of the earth, wealth and property cannot either, neither the posh cars and the beautiful houses, nothing of all these things can satisfy him, but all he needs is our hearts to acknowledge all that and more with just but thanksgiving in our hearts, be grateful with all sincererity and forget not to return to him all that belongs to him.

JohnMary is calling upon us all on the 9th of December to join in this the #NsiimaFestival18, to celebrate God's goodness and mercy and love, to thank Him for all that he has done and plus that which he is yet to do, plus that which he will do in future cause God never ceases to amaze us, he works in ways beyond human capacity to understand, he is a good God.

At the Uganda Museum 
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20K- VIP
10K- Adults
5K- children

Its gonna be an amazing moment of celebration
No one should be left out 

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