DivineFitness class:Many times we tend to look aside and be as though somethings matter not, or even the perception towards them is lame, but hey!!! we deceive ourselves cause, they are actually as im ... Read More

Renez pan the mic; #AnjagalaAudioOut

The diva herself Renez is here yet again with fresh vibes of a debut hit single titled; ANJAGALA&nbs ... Read More

Change is Painful Yet so Important; #Mindset

Mindset is one aspect or thing that can get a hold of you, tie your hands and make you vulnerable to ... Read More




Everybody praise the Lord now! Everybody praise the Lord now! I will praise Him everyday Praise ... view lyrics

The writings on the wall Did you see The mountains moved away For me I am going all the way ... view lyrics

paaparaparia, ilikuwa ndo mchezo bara kanisa sunday, paapara parira, tulisali pamoja bara shule ... view lyrics

VERSE 1 Your name is power Your name is stronger Your name is greater Above every name &nb ... view lyrics

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I Worship You Lyrics
Reborn Status

INTRO' Samex Visionwide Lil Joe Aahh ……. VERSE 1: Aih Mukama katonda Olimu ... view lyrics

Yeesss let it be all about you Njigiriza okkusinza nganewaddewo Njingiriza okkusinza nomutima g ... view lyrics

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Njigiriza Lyrics
Benji Kasule



You are here Moving in our midst I worship you I worship you You are here Working in this ... view lyrics

Stand up, stand up for Jesus! ye soldiers of the cross; Lift up His royal banner, it must not ... view lyrics

Oh, hands up high E.C., Lecrae [Lecrae:] I confess S.O.S I need ya daily I can't lie ... view lyrics

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Help Lyrics
Eric Campbell

"I Luh God" (feat. Big Shizz)   I luh God You don't luh God? What&#39 ... view lyrics

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I Luh God Lyrics
Eric Campbell

Aye, aye A-K, Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok I was running with the set (yeah) Running with the set (yeah) ... view lyrics

You called out my name Knew my past, covered my shame This amazing grace You've shown, s ... view lyrics

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You Waited Lyrics
Travis Greene