He came in humbly, a small boy in the game, but God who turns lives around for the good, is the one that gets us conquering and standing out. DJ Victor256 is now one of the multi award winning Ugan ... Read More

Happy Anniversary to the Tumuhairwes

Marriage is a beautiful thing and ordained of God. Scripture says: "He who finds a wife finds ... Read More

A couple of Gospel Artists stand in the Gap

Help or wanting to be a blessing to someone or a group of people begins with the heart cause it ... Read More




You are here Moving in our midst I worship you I worship you You are here Working in this ... view lyrics

He's done so much for me, I can not tell it all Narakele Mo If i Had ten thousand tongue ... view lyrics

You’re the all consuming fire I worship You today You’re the all consuming fire ... view lyrics

music-song lyrics
Consuming Fire Lyrics
Jimmy D Psalmist

You provide the fire I'll provide the sacrifice You provide the spirit And I will open u ... view lyrics

Everybody praise the Lord now! Everybody praise the Lord now! I will praise Him everyday Praise ... view lyrics

Your love is kind Your love is patient You fill my heart With so much peace and joy ... view lyrics



  I can leap over walls When you’re by my side I can win any battle Cause you ... view lyrics

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Ayomide Lyrics
Favour Olugunwa

  Mail Calendar Contacts Settings  submit@thegmp.biz English (U ... view lyrics

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Wendi Lyrics
herbert trebz

Mail Calendar Contacts Settings   Back   Reply   Reply all  ... view lyrics

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Testimony Lyrics
Blessing Ezeh

Under the shadow of your wings I will abide I will say of the Lord He’s my Refuge and St ... view lyrics

Plan.B Lyrics Chorus It's just a Plan B  Of something new It's just a Plan B ... view lyrics

music-song lyrics
Plan B Lyrics
Muyaeti Joseph Isaac

Ngoli nange, luno olugendo lujja kunyangiyila. Olugendo lwendimu luwanvu Yesu, naye nsaba om ... view lyrics

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Mberelawo Yesu Lyrics
Pr. Milly Serugo

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