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Pr. Bugembe's Light the World Church Down!

It was emotional for some. A mixture of feelings, Tears of sorrow and tears of joy!
It's good pain, Like a woman in the labor ward! 

Light the world church which is led by Pastor and reknown gospel artiste Wilson Bugenbe found in Nansana was recently demolished in preperation for the rise of a new Worship House.

More details will be communicated on the crossover overnight that will take place on the 31st december 2017 at the same venue.

In His own words, Pr. Wilson Bugembe said ...
A city of the lord will rise. Just give us time and send us your prayers.

Getting ready for 31st end of year prayers. Declaring a year of #DivineSpeed Isaiah 58:8!

Don't miss fire works! 

Great praise, worship + prayers !

Bring the sick. Come with a friend. Security is good! Parking is now better!

Thanks to the church family for your generosity! Together we are driving the dream quick! 

please be aware of fake Facebook accounts in the name of Wilson Bugembe! Fundraising money in our names! They are fake fake fake! Don't send them money please. 

Especially this time when we are breaking the church. They pretend to be in need of help ! 
Plz be aware and sober.

Thanks and have a good day everyone.
Also, we will be Live on Facebook on 31st! don't miss !

#LightTheWorld is down!!!
#TheWorshipHouse is coming up-hallelujah.



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