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DJ Rayne of Spirit Fm gets engaged

DJ Rayne od 96.6 spirit fm gets engaged at the beat connect party

He is a music director at 96.6 Spirit Fm, a presenter as well at the same radio station.
Apart from being good at screening music that should be aired, this skill of screening earned him his current fiancé known as Chritinah Jay. 

We can’t tell how long they have been undercover lovers but all we do know is the during the Beat Connect party, the couple made their relationship public.
This was when King Wesley took upon it to introduce the Spirit Fm radio presenters to the fans who had attended the event. Dj Rayne was ofcourse on the queue, he didn’t not only introduce himself but as well used this opportunity to ask his love bird if she will marry him. And the answer was………(Yeah you guessed right).

The answer was a big Yes! This sent the crowd into ululating as some of us congratulated him.
Plans are under way to take this relationship to another level that’s now marriage. He joins a number of gospel ministers who are off the shelf like Race-T, Hawa Musa, Anne of Power, to mention but a few and being exemplary to us who do intend to join them soon.

From us (GMP management) to you Dj Rayne, we congratulate you and wish you the very best.




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