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A One on One with John Marie - the Nsiima hit Singer

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John Marie is known for his hit single “Nsiima” which he did with Larry Charry at M-one Studio. This song saw him lift the VIGA award upcoming artist of the year 2017/18. Away from that he is also a sound engineering graduate from Makerere University Kampala. I caught up with him and spoke about his life, music and his upcoming concert.

People know you as John Marie kindly and briefly tell me about yourself.

My name is Sengendo John Marie. I am the oldest in a family of 11, I am entrepreneur, music producer, multi-instrumentalist and a gospel artist.

People know you mostly because of your hit single “Nsiima” that you did with Larry Charry. For how long have you been doing music?

I have always been singing in church and also recording my songs in studio but I started doing music professionally in January 2016 after getting done with books.

Oh that means you are a rising star. How many songs do you have on your name?

I have a full album of six songs namely:

  1. Nsiima
  2. Newunya
  3. Gwaake
  4. Nasiinza
  5. Yesu Yasasula
  6. We are free and other collabos that I have done with different artists.

What are the challenges you have so far encountered in the industry?

Having a good song that really blesses people and I myself is never easy and people and as an artist you be on pressure generated by the fans asking for what’s new on almost a daily basis  but above all I pray.

What inspires you in that amidst all the challenges that you face you keep keeping on?

Love and persistence

You spoke of being a music producer. For how long have you been doing this and what are your charges per song?

I have been producing songs now for 8 years and I charge very little money just 30k (300,000)

John Marie in studio

Are there any people that you draw your inspiration from?

Yes I do have. I am inspired by the works of Pastor Twina Herbert and Pastor Justine Nabbosa

What are the challenges that you face as a music producer at M-One Studio?

Artist coming with unfinished work.

Rumor has it that you are holding a concert soon. Give me more details about it if it’s true

We are all born with a blank mind therefore none of us has control on what we are going to be in the near future. It’s God that holds a switch onto every step of our lives. The further we have come and the far we are going the pricelessly He guides and leads us. I am proud of who I am today not because I struggled so much to be but because I have relied so much on HIM.

Nsiima may only be a word but it carries the whole of my strength, abilities, wisdom and life to give God the Glory.

Through this concert I want to celebrate the life of my 1 year old sister Zawedde Josephine who was born with a hole on her heart and thank God a solution can be found that’s why I am calling upon everyone to come 11th June 2017 join me we put our hands together to give a chance to a life to an innocent soul.

Wow that’s so touching man. How do your fans get your music?

My music can be got on, YouTube, howwe biz, ITunes and at M-One studio Makarere Kinoni.

Now that you won the Viga Award. What are you cooking for your fans?

I have a concert on 11th june that will be held at the National Theatre for only 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000 and any contribution towards the course. All proceeds will help my little sister go for treatment.

Last Question: Do you think it’s wise for artist’s to tag a specified price on their music say for every download 1,000?

Yessss! A bold one because these artists put a lot of effort to ensure you listeners get the best so they need to be appreciated.




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