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DJ VICTOR 256 - The fast raising deejay on the scene - (Exclusive Interview)

DJ VICTOR 256 - The fast raising deejay on the scene - (Exclusive Interview)

I have seen him around fellow soldiers like deejay Jonal, deejay Awar and others. He has mastered the rules of the game and this has seen him through with different presentations on different media houses for example Spirit fm, power fm, Alpha fm, Dream television to mention but a few. As young as he may look, he is determined to serve God through deejaying and nothing is gonna stop him. He attends Mavuno Church Kampala and he doesn’t spend most time practicing but rather with God. I caught up to ask him how he does and here is what we spoke about.

Qn. Who is deejay Victor 256?

Deejay Victor is an entertainer, inspirational speaker, an Alur from West Nile and Ulokcwinywu Victor are my real names.

Qn. People want to be radio presenters, television presenters, dancers, pastors, musicians name. why did you decide of all things to go for deejaying?

I wanted to do something that I enjoy and deejaying is what I enjoy doing but I also use it to spread the love and the word of God.

Qn. How do you describe Ugandan Gospel industry now and where do you see it heading?

Its epic, growing and taking over the other side (secular)

Qn. Speaking of Ugandan Gospel Music, which artists never miss out on your playlist when you are doing what you do best?

Holy Keane  Amooti because his music is groovy and he is my favorite as well but I play all artists who do good music.

Qn. You are rising so fast, doing shows on different radio stations that translates that your mentor is not a bad one huh?

Surprisingly, I was mentored by dj tutorial on youtube. But specific people have been there for me to give me a hand. I appreciate the CEO Marvo deejays live dj Pastor E for teaching me morals not only as a deejay but how to live like one as well. I thank deejay Jonal too for he has also contributed a lot towards what I am now.

Qn. Tell me about your first gig.

It was back at my church Mavuno church where I was given an opportunity to prove I am a deejay.

Qn. Do you have any specific artist that you are working with?

Yep, I work with team Holy Keane Amooti and sometimes act as his official deejay.

Qn. Any challenges so far through your journey of deejaying?

Most Gospel event organizers pay less and want work that is worth a huge sum of money. This kind of gives me hard times in terms of transporting equipments.

Qn. How do you charge in case someone wants you to play at their event?

I charge according to the type of event and the distance plus hours involved. I don’t have a fixed amount that I do charge.  You can reach me via email or call me on 0780292249. I am on facebook and instagram as Deejay Victor256 and @djvictor256 on twitter.

Qn. Do you have any specific show on any media house that you work on/with?

Yes I work on record fm 97.7 every last Sunday of the month. I do play on the Gospel Train show from 7-9pm and do guest features on other radio and television stations as well.

Your last words tuve wano.

Keep supporting gospel music. Never lose hope any positive thing that you do. Talent can put food on the table if properly and positively used.

This is What DJ Jonal had to say about him.

"He has a heart for greatness and perfection. He will be a better DJ than me very soon
He is a humble guy, down to earth.. He learns fast and is very hardworking"

God bless you.




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