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THE RISING STAR SHOW - What You Need to Know

The rising star show loaso movement trs about

We must have seen the poster somewhere bearing the above sentence, well here is all you need to know about the show.

TARGET/MISSION: Unveiling/Promoting New/Fresh talent in Gospel industry.


  • Unveiling new artists.
  • Premiering new songs.
  • Host live interviews with top Gospel Artists, Celebrities/Inspirational speakers.
  • Music talks with Music Producers.



  • To promote Christian talent i.e Music, Dance and Drama.
  • To inspire talented people to achieve/accomplish their dreams.
  • To Preach Christ to the World.
  • To Sale Christian Music.
  • To uncover the covered talents.
  • To build strong relations between the producers and Recording Artists.
  • To Promote Creativity.
  • To dig deeper into Worship.
  • To raise funds to support "Love One Another Schools Outreach" (LOASO).

When asked why they are doing it, this is what they had to say:

No one is doing it, Apart from different concerts organized by artists themselves/other sources , there is little or no effort put in place to promote, especially upcoming artists and artists whose existence has not been discovered yet. Most of the artists struggle on their own to reach where they are today. There are a lot of Programs on Radio and TV today but most of them are not a target to upcoming artists especially Christian artists. They may be able to host upcoming artists but it's usually not the main agenda of the Program/Show.

However the main reason for the "The Rising Star" is specifically to focus on New/Fresh talent. Everything about the Show focuses on building/developing and Promoting New Talent.

Good morals, aside from drawing us closer to God, Christian Music is a backbone of good morals and is very instrumental in creating positive change in society therefore promoting positive lyrical music will help build a great nation.

Source of income, Most of the artists(Singers) today do music full time. That's because music needs a lot of time. Therefore they hardly find time to be in full time office jobs. It's therefore no doubt that if artists are natured well from their early stages, they will be able to make a living from Music which will enable them do ministry and build the country as a nation positively.

Live Interviews, Also there are no or few live shows which enable artists, producers and different celebrities to interact direct with the audience, therefore this  show is one  of the kind which will allow the audience to ask direct questions during our live interviews with Top Gospel Artists, Producers and other celebrities in this circle.

LOASO, The Love One Another Schools Outreach (LOASO) is ministry that reaches out the Less fortunate and desperate students in Schools and institutions through organizing worship concerts and distribution of some essential items like Sugar, Soap, Sanitary towels, Christian Literature and school materials especially to students from poor backgrounds. This requires money, therefore money raised from this show will proceed to support LOASO movement.

About their future plan.

The Rising Star (TRS) should be an avenue for Christian new music i.e Radio stations, different companies and Record labels should be able to identify good music and talented artists through our Show. The Rising Star show should be able to rightfully distribute new Music to different Radio/TV Stations and other Venues depending on the demand but through agreement between Artists/Music owners with The Rising Star. It is therefore upon this that we call upon your support in any way you can, in form of Prayer, finance etc. Please, will you help us take Gospel music to a higher Level as we discover and Develop new talent. Together we can make a difference.

For more information, Tel. 0788713008/705416653 Email. or

It’s set to be held Every Last Friday of the month and the first one is on 24th December 2016. See EVENT DETAILS HERE.




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