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The Serumagas Receives A Baby After 15 Years

It's 15 Years Since Mr. & Mrs Serumaga Got Married But Never Had A Child Still Believed God Till Today We Have Good News For You!


The Innerman Family and United Christian Center (UCC) congratulates Their 'Daddy', Senior Pastor Joseph Serumaga and the leading Worshiper, Gospel Minister, a teacher Sarah Serumaga well known for songs like Ayanukuza Muliro, Enjegeere plus many others that God has blessed them with a bouncing Baby Boy ever since 15 years of marriage.


Sarah Serumaga is a humble Gospel Minister, and a councilor as well who has stood strong in her ministry with songs that has touched many souls and lives of different people we bless the Lord for the great miracle, you are now a living Testimony.





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