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Joseph Elshaddai Bids Spirit TV Farewell

Joseph Elshaddai bids Spirit TV farewell
📌 Every start has an end📌
Every beginning of a journey as well finds its way to the end of it.
Joseph Elshaddai a media personnel with such enthusiasm did bid farewell to Spirit TV after a period of time working with them.
He says in his own words
♻️Thank you for your support and encouragement during this tenure, I appreciate that I have been able to lay a brick towards redefining Christian broadcast ♻️

He has been hosting the show called #TheChitChat where he has been giving different categories of guests platform to chat about different aspects ranging from social, political, religious to mention but a few.

We dearly appreciate your contributions and efforts and input and we trust God that your new journey is going to yield even more fruit to the betterment of the media industry on Christian grounds and spheres.
We look forward to updates of your new journey and direction.



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