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Muwa Emma & DJ Pius bid Farewell to KSTV

An amazing duo of young energetic men who are sold out for the gospel of Christ Jesus through the use of their talents.
Dj Pius a Christian and award winning deejay together with Muwa Emma a phenomenal TV host and presenter, these two have been working on KSTV Uganda for a while now and it's on 9th December 2021, they had to host their very last show which was closing their chapter on that particular TV station. These two have been hosting a show called SAKATA where they invite guests, more so gospel artists and giving them platform to share their gifting.

KSTV Uganda is headed by Pastors Solomon and Doreen Mwesigye located along bulenga road its under their ministry and church called Good News Church bulenga.
In their own words "We are grateful for the opportunity and yes we will let you know when something comes up, for now Aluta continua"

We celebrate these wonderful souls who have been a wonderful blessing to us and may God Widen their courts, open more doors and feed them with more great opportunities for the edification of God's Kingdom.




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