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Lauren Diagle Gives Back To Her Home Town

*Giving is a matter of the HEART*
📌 WE have seen several well known or call them celebrities who barely look back to where they came from after they have made it in life and are at the peak of their careers, but that is wrong, what makes each one of us are these people we start with, ones who know us better than any stranger we meet when lights glow on us whilst on stage📌.
Lauren Diagle is different and peculiar, a multi award winning, songstress with one of the best selling hit songs of all time, started up an organization in 2019 called *The Price Fund* back in her home area New Orleans and recently she decided to give back to her hometown a sum of $375,000  💵 to five charities close to her heart. This she did appreciating the love these people have for her and rising to greatness but also a need to acknowledge the fact that, these are the people that saw her rise from grass to grace, from a sorry state to one full of God's Glory.
With her song *You Say*, she is fathomed by how it has not only touched people but several have been transformed, renewed and lifted up to a place where God desires them to be.
Its such an honor and a blessing.
Lauren thank you for having such a big heart of love, thank you for not allowing pride consume you rather allowing humility envelope you.
Keep winning and inspiring.



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