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Boris One Spitter set to release a powerful album - Your love / God Over Evil

Boris One Spitter to release Your Love / God Over evil album

Your love / God Over Evil consists of 2 genres of music. Thats dance hall and reggae. The 12 track album is being worked on by three producers, Skillz - Roy studios, K Willz - kadesh records & Boris - Bronz Wall/Nation. The songs were written by Boris One Spitter and The Radio Gospel.

This album is a testimony of Boris's life. Songs like Your Love are some of the testimonies. Other songs include: God over Evil, Nfubutuka, to mention but a few. On this same album, Boris features The Legendary Mac Elvis on a track called Proffesional Christian" a reggae track (You will surely Love this one).

Selectors from Bronz wall muziq/Nation teamed up with selectors from Genius muziq to try and bring something new in gospel muziq. Believe me, The sound is amazing, you've never heard of it before.

The lyrics are catchy and extra superb with songs in English, Luganda and Jaimacan (Patois).

Your love / God Over Evil is the album that will make Ugandan Gospel Music take the next step and even cross borders "Gospel Music To The World", and the Good news is that it drops this November.




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