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A brand new Christian football club | SFC football club

It's said in scripture that "the Gospel shall be preached unto all the ends of the earth and then the end shall come"

It as well, "preach the gospel, and be witnesses unto me"

This is no way different a way of reaching out with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Introducing to you the newest yet a unique and soon to be phenomenal Christian football club, the first of its kind dubbed SPORTS FOR CHRIST FOOTBALL CLUB #SFC an initiative, call it an idea or say a dream pioneered by Derrick Vucci a TV and radio host at Salt Media Uganda and a passionate soul for gospel music and pushing it beyond horizons.

Approaching him and asking him why SFC, this is what he had to tell us.

     📌This is my initiative that I started to bring artists together and TV plus radio presenters as a way of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ but also, I saw this as an avenue of reaching out with God's Word, call it evangelism cause together united, we can defeat the enemy. It's basically an avenue are to use to connect with our fans and friends plus well wishers and to speak the word of life unto them.
Fast forward, in future we look at as well involving Pastors too, they come on board, we organize friendly matches and have clean christ fun through sports this time round.📌

📌 I therefore call upon Christian organisations to help fund this initiative and let's ush Jesus to all ends of the earth 📌
Says Derrick Vucci.

We look forward to a sustainable growth of this initiative.





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