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Linda Yesu is brand new heaven music from Brian Lubega

When we write songs, we do not write from a perspective of only our skill or artistry but we have an unction from on high, one that scripture talks about that *He knows All things* and that is the Holy Spirit the same that resides in the inside of us.

Linda Yesu is a new project from a one sensational and gifted yet anointed Psalmist Ps Brian Lubega, renown for songs like Nakitiibwa, Nsiimye, Ndi wuwe, and one of the people's favorite Nyanjala, these and more have blessed many and reached out to many with a touch beyond the melody and beats.

Linda Yesu is a song that speaks of "waiting on God" and what it means by that, it's not to just sit there and wait for Him to come to you in a form of a human being no!! Rather it

Implies that:
    You need to put your faith to action and in a test, believe on Him as you hang in there for an answer, scripture says: 2cor.5:7 "We Walk by Faith and not by Sight" and so this means as we watch the space of him doing great things, then we got to add on the faith measure

For those that wait on God, they shall be renewed in strength, they shall mount upon wings as eagles, they shall walk and faint not, they shall run and not grow weary for they shall mount up on wings as eagles.

Produced by James Mugagga
Mixed and Mastered by Samuel Bisaso of Black Smith studios.

Back up vocals:
Angel marena, Esther Birungi to mention but a few

It is a timely song every one needs a copy of.


Keep the Trust In God
Linda Yesu
Brian Lubega Music



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