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Pastor Wilson Bugembe on a give back to gospel Artists

Times are tough and hard, everything seems to be a messed up attire you cannot wear even if you would wish to dare.

The pandemic that arrived into Uganda in March last year, did not seclude anyone in terms of turning tables and changing situations and systems, which means that even the men and women of God, equally felt the pinch or say the sting of this pandemic's wrath.

Fast forward to this year, which happens to have registered the second wave of covid 19, has as well gotten many of us crumbling on our knees with likes of hunger, financial turmoil, businesses coming to a standstill and yes us the gospel people especially us the musicians and Promoters or say deejays literally going on a hard life road.

However, President lanek had to appear on TV to raise an alarm on this matter after waiting for the unseen relief fund, and yesterday Pastor Bugembe had to come through after a wait of 2 to 3 days, to be a blessing to all gospel artists with some food relief and he also promised that on his birthday he will be giving out all his music for free right from his very first songs.




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