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THE ROUGH JOURNEY OF MUSIC - Clarion Clarkewoode

The journey so far has had its highs and lows, ups and downs but God has been merciful to me. Disappointments and people taking advantage of me has been many but God has been merciful to me.

The cost to remain musically visible has been herculean. I have had to single handedly foot all bills but God has been merciful to me. I have seen many faces and been to many places, somethings I have done I am happy about and others I have not but God has been merciful to me 

2014: my Maiden album, ‘Altar of Worship’ was nominated for two international awards: UK - Best Praise and Worship Music Video by GMIA and, USA - Black Essence Award in Indiana 

2020 was a busy year for me. I released four brand new singles including LAST MINUTE GOD, which is fast becoming a people choice and favourite. 

2021 - I released my only helper, fast catching up and becoming a people favourite around the world because of the music, the mood and the message in the song. I am set to release REMEMBER ME - a brand new one on 24-07 -21. It is also highly likely I will be releasing A NEW WORSHIP SONG AND SOUND before 2021 ends

Watch this space, I will be performing in a City, Church or Concert hall near you soon. 

Short testimony
I could hardly make a sentence without stammering. It was so bad my mother cried at times when I had to speak.  In school this speech challenge became a stigma and it got worse when people made a mockery of me.

My grandma observed that the only time I did not stammer was when I sung so she decided to encourage me to sing my thoughts or whatever I wanted to say.

Little did we all know that was going to lead to the development of me as a singer, songwriter, choirmaster and worship leader.

Clarion Clarkewoode

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