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The Lion has retired yet not out of the league

Renown Award winning Media personnel Solomon Sserwanja retires from his service delivery at NEXT MEDIA SERVICES where he has been doing news anchoring under NBS TV but also the Investigative Journalism there of.

Solomon has been a very instrumental and iconic figure with in next media services, an expert at what he does and very influential to the dot. Mentoring many, inspiring many, teaching many, Solomon is dearly gonna be missed with in next media services cause of the unique aura he has been creating within this entity, however there is a celebration for the map recognition he has gotten next media services onto, the hearts of these beloved is all merry and so grateful.

Solomon will be retiring but not tiring down as He is gonna embark on his personal projects within the same field of Investigative Journalism.

All the best for this beloved and may God increase Him and take him higher than high.

Solomon Serwanja Joins African Institute For Investigative Journalism




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