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The Journey so far Alaine & Grace Nakimera

Once in the secular world, these two were music goddesses there, renown and if I may say GEMS running the industry. Alaine a Jamaican, songwriter, singer and renown by her first name. She sold so vastly in the secular world with lots of radio and tv rotations with her music and the different big stages' sharings and awards probably all worked out well but then when Jesus met her and she surrendered her life to Jesus, it's now two years down the road, same thing to Grace Nakimera renown diva who can sing and dance at the same time, doing it all perfectly well, as well. She equally makes two years now in her walk with Jesus, she received Jesus and she says "no turning back no matter what" meaning she is that determined and sold out for Jesus.

To date these two are zealous for Jesus and spreading the gospel there of. Grace Nakimera has apparently two songs and two videos fully and excellently produced to her name (Anviriddeyo and Yansasira) , she has inspired many since she gave her life to Jesus and dont forget to look for her new comming song called Ssekaba here on her youtube channel HksfGMPgs . 


Jesus can actually change anyone and everyone, all he needs is your willingness to change and  total surrender to Him with all your heart and soul and mind and body, the rest of the work is his and his alone to accomplish.


These two are now on fire for Jesus, reaching out to the souls of God's people, as Grace hails from Uganda, Alaine hails from Kingston Jamaica and these two have surely set an example to believers much more to their fellow young believers.

The Influence they have set on, can never be blotted out, it is just going on and on for the Glory of God.


Currently, Grace Nakimera has just shot her latest video and anytime soon, we shall behold the greatness of God through this loading project.

Join us celebrate these two souls on their two year salvation anniversary, it is not an easy journey but if God takes the wheel then the rest of the removing of obstacles, hurdles and challenges is his business and Him fighting for you.


Still going strong in God 

And never to retreat nor surrender.





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