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Chikibombe hits the 2 million YouTube spot

Gospel music is said to be a kind of music that may not necessarily get mileage so fast but I am certain it all comes down to first and foremost, who takes the utmost Glory and then why one does the music they do not forgetting how one packages themselves on a by and large.

It is important to always know what the journey needs before you embark on it, this will help you cater for the nitty gritty needs along the way and you will definitely know how to handle each step of the way be it negative or positive and this is what will make you achieve greatly.

Levixone is one amazing Ugandan gospel music artist whose Influence has not only cut through or say accross the Ugandan spheres alone but all through East Africa and the World at large, very celebrated and loved immensely as a person and then his music. 

Chikibombe is a song not more than a year old but it's already taking the industry by storm with currently a hit mark of 2 million views on YouTube
This is incredibly amazing and great.

We celebrate you Levixone for affirming that "Gospel music is indeed full of life"

Congratulations ????????



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