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PS. Jackson Senyonga does some food charity

We all know that the times we are in, are for "kanayokya Ani??" Which is interpreted as " times of total hardness and loss of hope, famine hitting several parts of the country, sicknesses arising save the one at hand of covid19, homes breaking up etc....these are really hard times but against all odds, we in the household of God, do remain positive and holding unto God and doing our best to help each other.

Yesterday, PS. Jackson Senyonga took it upon himself together with his team to give out some food and probably a few other things to the people around bwaise and the nearby places. 
For those who may not be knowing, PS. Jackson Senyonga is the Lead, Founder and Senior Pastor of and at Christian Life Church bwaise, and he heads the media houses; Top Radio and Tv, Kampala FM the formerly known as "FM J" 

This is a very great initiative that is worth recognising.

We celebrate this wonderful man of God.



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