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Congratulations to the Kayiwas

PS. Kayiwa together with his wife Celia Kayiwa celebrate 39 good years of Marriage , this is incredibly amazing and good news worth beholding.

The two have a lot in common interms of why they fell for each other and that to them "Marriage or say them getting together into marriage was not about material things rather each one of them knowing that when you truthfully love someone, you need to love them for who they are and not only what they possess.

PS. Kayiwa is the Vision bearer and founder plus lead Pastor at the Namirembe Christian fellowship Church and also the leader at Kayiwa International University; a certified Doctor of psychology and a Chancellor there of.

One among the many tips he tossed to the young men; "you do not need to date for many years or months, as long as you two truthfully love each other and that you both are serious with each other, then courtship shouldn't go for a longer period"

As many front material things and being about trendy systems, stick to the Godly obligation of Marriage as purposed of and by God.

Happy Marriage Anniversary to the Kayiwas.



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