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Churches close for the 32 days Corona virus Quarantine

We are a blessed nation as Uganda that amongst all the nations, it's us who have not yet registered any corona virus case or situation and it's not because we are the safest nation with the most sophisticated technology but it is because of God's hand of protection.
We ain't attributing our safety to anything short of or more than God's hand of Mercy and love.

It is because He loves us and we ought to commend it all to him.

This pandemic has severly punched and crushed down the economies of various nations and it has taken them into recess but God has preserved us.
Why don't we exalt him and magnify his name.

He who was able to see us through the times of bird flue, cholera, Ebola name it, he will definitely wipe this virus out of Uganda in Jesus name, we just but need to keep at His feet and to acknowledge his goodness.
This pandemic has called for serious turn back to God as most of our elders in the LORD have gone ahead to call for serious prayers, winning souls for Him and getting deeper in and with our relationship with Him.

PS. Robert Kayanja of Miracle Centre Cathedral Rubaga, PS. Kimuli of CDMI Ministries, Bishop Joseph Sserwadda to mention but a few are all in sync for this cause.

As GMP PROMOTIONS, We would like to add our voice to this and urge to intensively make use of these days to redeem our nation from eternal demnation in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen 



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