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Canaan Gents plan for a Reunion

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We all know the Canaan gents, one of Uganda's best and multi-award winning a capella music maestros, internationally recognised and they got their game on top notch A.

The journey of the Canaan gents did not begin from present or say where they are but it all started way back at campus where four gents then; Mark tugume, Alvin, Lubwama Samuel and Nyombi Andrew decided to team up and start doing this kinda unique genre of music, one you do with your voices only and no instruments and it all sounds amazing.

To "cut the chess" long story short, the group has gone on evolving but for the best and nothing but the best, today we have the renown and so incredibly gifted and talented singers around town, only gents but I can guarantee you these guys can sing.

Canaan Gents has therefore decided to have a reminiscing of the team members by bringing them together and simply yet intentionally celebrating this amazing milestone so far.
And therefore keep alert and steady, for what is cooking is worth waiting for with all anticipation and expectation.

Canaan Gents Reunion
Coming soon!!!



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