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PS Benny Hinn makes a u-turn in his theology and how he preaches the gospel there of

A very renown televangelist and an amazing servant of God, one of God's generals, he has spoke to thousands and thousands of hearts of men and women all around the globe, his messages have reached to the utmost ends of the world, and God has used him so tremendously.

However on Monday during one of his Facebook live sessions,  he spoke and said something about this whole "prosperity gospel" and that he ain't so comfortable with it and hence he is making a turn around there of,

This is what he gave as his reason:

        "I am not comfortable with this kind of gospel cause I feel it offends the holy Spirit" his say on this, makes him take on a decision to get back to the actual basics of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the statutes there of.

This threw lots of reactions of course and comments however, he ain't about to change his decision and neither will he.

What this points to the church as a point to think/ponder more about.

Do we need to go back to the drawing board with God and his word?
Do we need to sit back and re-work with God?

You and I to keep it before God in our closets.



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