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Praise City Band makes 2 years in ministry

The journey of God's calling upon our lives is always not started on a smooth path way, there will be ups and downs, challenge upon challenge, hindrance upon hindrance but as long as your hope and trust is in the one who called you, then victory is your portion no matter what happens.

Praise City band is a Ugandan Christian band that was founded by Minista Sami.K and the sole purpose is to equip church music leaders/ worshippers with essentialities of authentic worship, build and grow families to the stature that God desires.

Upon their making of two years in ministry, they are set to head out for a tour in Nairobi Kenya that is from the 23rd of August to the 2 September and this will  be in spread of their 14 track album dubbed #ByYourGrace.

It is amazing to serve God and it's rewarding as well.



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