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Ps Bujingo denounced from the National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Evangelical Churches Uganda

This is followed by the consistent and big headed acts of Ps. Bujingo, him continuously abusing the ethics of the Born Again Church in Uganda and the body of Christ at large, by failure to keep the matters of his family on low key, this has brought the attention of the elders, the brothers and sisters in leadership to act with an "iron hand" towards this whole issue to see to it that it all gets fixed as soon as possible.

Ps. Bujingo was issued a strong warning but it all seemed like "blowing a whistle for the sheep" literally meaning he paid a deaf ear to it all ,this has birthed consequences and so the verdict has been reached unto, the general overseer Bishop Joshua Lweere has together with his fellow co-leaders decided to denounce him from the organisation/fellowship and so he is now on his own and with no attachment to this fellowship whatsoever and since from time in memorial it is noted that he had separated himself from the fellowship and he has been running independently and so this has been in a bid to keep the reputation/image of the fellowship clean and without stain.

This calls for earnest prayers for the body of Christ in the long run.

Do you think this will wake him up to his senses?

Your comment will mean alot



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