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New Music from a "new" Exodus; Balaba drops this week

A while back Exodus a.k.a George Lubega had an encounter with God at Miracle Centre Rubaga in the 90 days Prayer sessions that are ongoing. It is said that when God has hand picked on you, you can never run away from Him or escape his saving hand, you can literally do a lot and so much, be busy with a lot but in the actual sense God ain't in your business at all, and so it takes a personal decision to make up your mind to re-confess and choose a whole new total surrender to His love and care.

Exodus in these 90 days Prayer packed session, had a deliverance moment that totally left him not the same whatsoever, he had a personal encounter with God through the man of God Ps. Robert Kayanja, this was a tense one that made him realise how much he has been missing out on, and to date he is forever grateful for it.

From that moment, when God visited him, God has given him a song that tells the story of his life and this is dubbed #Balaba a song that is dropping next week and i must say we all need to watch out for this particular one, you will be blessed.

Balaba Audio dropping this!!!



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