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Rachel Namubiru with SagalaAudio

This lady is one among the many who suitably fits to be called a musical diva, she is incredibly talented and a singer, she is a vocalist so prolific who hits notes easily and graciously.

She is the lady who does a couple of back up vocals in and with Isaiah Katumwa's music and his band at large. With her anointed voice, Rachel is the lady behind songs like Nzize, one which most of us know her for, Mubumbi,Teri Akwenkana, to mention but a few, all these songs upon hearing them, you get to realise how important it is to value the message you give to the listeners, where it ceases to be just the beats and tunes and production as a whole, music unto God is geared towards accomplishing God's Will and purpose.

Following her recent release "Mwesigwa" a song that speaks of God's faithfulness in all situations and our need to trust Him.

Ladies and gentlemen here is the revised edition of her audio/ a worship spice dubbed: Sagala it is a song that speaks of us not rubbing the fact that there is heaven and that we are all heading there, however we need to do or say play our part well so that we miss not out.

One of the lines says: "Sagala kusubwa ggulu Sagala nsubwe ekifo kyange" literally implying that "I do not want to miss out on heaven and my place too that God has prepared for me"

This song is out and available SAGALA.mp3

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