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For the lovers of Epic Christian Movies | Over Comer drops to the Theatres on August 23rd 2019

Many are the gifts that God has endowed his people and these are gifts meant to edify and build His Kingdom as scripture does commend us or does stipulate. 
So whatever your gift is, how best you use it ought to be one of your priorities as you walk with Him.

Here are the Kendrick Brothers whom God has used to take over the Christian movie industry, directing, writing and producing some of the best selling Christian movies of all time, ones that have impacted hearts of men and drawing them back to the creator, world wide, this is very very great a thing worth celebrating over, over 5 films that they have worked on and all these 5 are all over the theatres blessing hearts of men and giving them a genuine reason of the hope of their salvation in Christ Jesus. The #KendrickBrothers headed by Alex Kendrick who happens to be the senior and lead director of all the movies that they have produced, is a very wonderful soul, humble and dedicated, a family man and a Preacher of the gospel of Jesus in the states, he is the lead director but he has co-worked with Stephen Kendrick and as a team, they have reached great milestones. Some of the movies they have worked on include Fire Proof, Courageous and then they are masterminds behind the recently trending movie "War Room" and it is from the same movie that they depicted this very one that is on the coming soon; OVERCOMER is a movie that reflects a lot on what we put our hearts to perceive as truth, what we allow them to take us truth and what we allow define us, so the question is "What do you allow to define you?"   this is what basically will build your identity in the long run
If you say or define yourself as weak, frail, ugly, poor, sick etc... is what your aftermath identity will be, so you got to be careful.

Scripture writes and says; "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he" so we need to take note of this.

So this amazing and epic trailer drops on the 23rd of August 2019, a "must watch" out for because its a movie that is gonna trigger you onto revisiting scripture and meditating more and more.

OverComer trailer coming soon!!!!

ChristianMovie coming to your area soon!!!



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