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New Music | Jimmy D Psalmist ft. Amarachi Eze | Ony'inye Akam ( My Helper )

This amazing and renown Worshipper all the way from Nigeria has taken the industry by storm, his music is so deep and hearts of many men have received healing of all forms as they worship along his songs. One of the the secrets he has is Prayer and then reading of God's Word and that is why when you listen to his songs your heart and spirit and heart do receive an instant connection to the throneroom cause the songs are God-breathed.

Known for the song "Mighty man of War" a song that speaks of and about the greatness of our God and the fact that he is the All-Powerful nothing can conquer him no matter what, nothing is too hard for him, no sickness or disease, no infirmity nothing!! for He is a great God. Scripture refers to him as the Lion of Judah one that roars and the enemy scatters in seven directions. 

This man of God is blessed and he is a blessing.

That said, here is his latest audio dubbed Ony'inye  which is translated as My Helper  and it simply implies that God is our helper in times of need, scripture says in Hebrews.14:6; "Let us come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need" meaning we need all the help from him, because if he does not help us then no one will, man can disappoint and actually does disappoint but God never does so, he is a faithful one.

This particular song shall bless your heart, soul and spirit when you get your ears to it.




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