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MC YALLAH SPEAKS OUT: I have been around and working on some new stuff

MC YALLAH SPEAKS OUT: I have been around and working on some new stuff

For starters, Mc Yallah is one of the living legendaries both in the Ugandan Hip hop music and the gospel fraternity at large. She started doing music way back in late 1990s. She later gave her life to Christ in 2003 and started doing Holy HipHop / Christian Music in 2004 as the only female rapper in the Christian setting in Uganda at that time and this explains the experience she has in the industry. Songs like Determination, Abakyala Tuli Bazira, Reebo Mwana, Ndette saw her penetrating the industry as they received air play on both secular and Christian media houses. She was the first female rapper in the gospel music industry.

Saint Silver from GMP had a chat with her and here are some of the points she stressed out:

About her silence and being off the scene for some time, she said "I have been around and working on some new stuff". Am a news reporter on Follow the beatwhich airs on Sundays on NTVand besides that, may be unless you don't attend events but I have had performances on different occasions like the Nyegenyenge and Bayimba Festivals (this Year : 2016), I have had performances in Kenya as well.

MC YALLAH SPEAKS OUT: I have been around and working on some new stuff

When asked of what she is cooking, she told us that she has a new song titled "Zuba" and a video for "Reebo mwana" which is yet to be released and some more surprises to her fans. The "Zuba" song will be available on this site so that you can get a free copy once it’s officially out.

And to her fans, she appreciates the love and support and promises never to disappoint at any time. she said she has more new music coming. Some of the Songs she will be releasing include More Love and Break It Down. Mc Yallah is also shooting a video for Zuba, so just keep the love coming in and watch out for surprises from her.




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