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A One on One with John Marie - the Nsiima hit Singer

John Marie is known for his hit single “Nsiima” which he did with Larry Charry at M- ... Read More

DJ VICTOR 256 - The fast raising deejay on the scene - (Exclusive Interview)

I have seen him around fellow soldiers like deejay Jonal, deejay Awar and others. He has mastered ... Read More

An Exclusive Interview with Olivia Ziwa

Olivia Ziwa of “Mission 3:16” and “Can Men Cook” shows that air on NBS TV wo ... Read More

Dafari The Disciple Exclusive Interview

DAFARI a.k.a THE DISCIPLE He is a Gospel artist based in Kenya, a managing director at More Life ... Read More

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Njakuweleza Mukama | Pastor Jane Kisembo
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