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Born, raised and still based in Uganda, MC Yallah (real name Yallah Gaudencia Mbidde) is a Kenyan/Ugandan female hip-hop artist born in April 1983.

MC Yallah was influenced by artistes like The Fugees, Queen Pen and Vanilla Ice. She entered the hip-hop industry in Uganda in late 1999, being one of the pioneering female hip-hop artistes in Uganda, after the likes of Prim n’ Propa. Most performances at this stage were in DV8, a by then hang-out joint that became a launching-pad for many of Uganda’s music elite. She quickly rose to be one of the most prominent and recognized female emcees in Uganda.

In March 2003, MC Yallah became a born-again Christian, getting married a year later in March 2004. She took a hiatus from the industry for several years to concentrate on family, church & business, making a comeback in 2010. During this interval though, in 2009, she pulled off a great performance at the concert of international dancehall artist Papa San, in Kampala, Uganda.

Her comeback single, Abakyala, was a collaborative effort featuring Lady Slyke and Prossy Patra, themselves among Uganda’s influential female emcees and dancehall artistes, respectively. Abakyala got massive air play on radio and television stations, culminating in a nomination for a Diva Award later that year in the category of Best Hip-Hop Song. The Divas are Uganda’s premier music awards focused on recognizing solely female artistes.

In 2011, MC Yallah was nominated in the same Awards in the category of Best Female Hip-Hop Artiste. Later that year she was nominated for the Olive Gospel Awards in the Best Hip-Hop Artiste category.

She was a performing Hip-Hop artist at the Bayimba Festival in 2015 and at the 2015 and 2016 editions of the Nyege Nyege Festival.

Since 2014, MC Yallah has been a reporter for the groundbreaking Newz Beat television program on NTV Uganda, which showcases the latest news delivered while rapping.

MC Yallah makes music that ministers to people’s souls. Her desire is to see the youths of this generation with integrity, being motivated to work, learn and be better leaders of tomorrow. Above all, to birth a GOD fearing generation.