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I was a slave to sin/ from what I thought to what I did, I could pretend sometime but my heart was my I.D. The heart is deceitful above all things/ means your heart man is sinful above all deeds/ I was a……… believer in myself/ God on the shelf/ deaf to anybody else they don’t make sense/ dreamt about millions, only had cents/ man they don’t even hustle but they only use checks/ Hananim why is the world so unfair? / I’m always crying to you but it’s like you don’t care? / my sisters’ got cheese but she doesn’t even share?/ I think I look like Rachael but I feel like Leah?/ I was deep down in a pit of despair all my trials turned to failures/ dropped out of college they said He’s going t fail us/ then I gave up/  but even the dead, Jesus can raise up

Like a dead dog, despised and hated/ when I was in a hopeless state ill fated
Your Love reached down/ lost I was found/ you healed all my scars in leaps and bounds

Verse 2
Thought I was lord of my life, the master the king/ like fighting with quick sand all I could do was sink/ my heart turned cold/ trapped in the world’s mold/ my mode was ambition and lust, no God. I fell into the abyss of the evil one/ caught in his evil pun/ death and destruction was his evil plan/ but His Love is much greater than these/ man He swooped in like the savior He is/ and now I know that he’s true and He truly exists/ I’ve been made anew, ain’t  got nothing else to sing/ I have peace with God/  and His son with both/ iam holy and perfect that means, I’m in-born/ iam deeply loved/ man He even calls me son/ I’m on top of the mountain as such and it’s time/ I’ve stopped my search now I’m telling you my story/ I’ve known His glory/ it’s made my history

Annyeong haseyo/ caterpillar kipepeo/ I’ve just transformed like Chris brown’s video/ yah Samlyonge yodiga?/ kaja paradiso / Yesu chemisoyo/ Yesu chemisooo

Uploaded on Aug 13, 2016

Samlyong - His Love - music Video

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