DREAM LYRICS_ Brian Wade IP
Yeah ah! We all have dreams mayne,

(yeah) we got dreams (East side......)
Verse 1
Yo we have dreams so we have to make a point and we make the greens,

ah in this land of the hopeless,
the land of the fearful, this is Africa
You cant buy love here,

its all about connections,

intimate affections .,you can make it any way if you
go the high way ,selling drugs,

thugin or you do some sorcery (some sorcery),

but thats not the right
path ,its self-destructions ,

its killing your dreams inside your real dream,

it’s a Tell of a lie in front your
future kids ,ah dear brother am talking to you ,

I hope you're with me ,we got the Same skin ,

the Same blood color , but trust me we got something different,

may be the brain  ,maybe the mind ,may be the
goals( yeah ah) ,may be the faith ,we got dreams
Chorus :

my brother keep dreaming x2 ,my sister keep dreaming )x don't give up x 2
Verse 2

Yeah, Let me talk to you !  Work hard and pray to see a better day,

you got God with you, don’t focus on
your issues, he’s there for you ,

dont make more bloodshed ,

I know about your poverty I know about
your needs ,relax my skin got the same color like you ,

I have the Same size of the shoe in your position, I
know what it is to live without food,

I know what it feels to grow without your parents,

but  that can't
stop you to follow your dreams  ,

the more you feel pressure the more you push harder,

further ! When
God is watching hakuna matata ,

no matter the weather ah ,you can overcome it .

you can conquer the
world if you believe in yourself and God has the right plans for your destination ,

stick to the man ,When
youre chasing your dreams . Never give up until your dreams come true


my brother keep dreaming x2 ,my sister keep dreaming )x don't give up x 2



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