Heyo ladies

I almost forgot the gentlemen

All protocol observed

Introducing S.W.A.T 4:24 and I gat my gals K.Leeand Becky with me

S.W.A.T this is a call for y’all to rise up

Jesus music taking over

S.W.A.T Jesus music taking over



Rise up*2

Christians rise up

We got to rise up Christians rise

Rise up*2

Defeat evil rise up (we got to take him down we got take the devil down)

Rise up.........*2


Verse1 (Turich)

The world is now political

Leaders so radical

Rebellions and riots man are proving damn lyrical

Church is so cynical

It ain't no longer biblical

People speaking article we now hear  the battle call

I gat cry church is now blinding

Thinking of money while the devil is busy conquering

Evil is rhyming Right seems to be winding

The bible looks false coz the dark is  colonizing

Rise  believers

Take the gospel to the nations

Many folks living now in damn frustration

They causing confusion coz the devil has gat the motion

Repent and turn away from evil

Or we end up in destruction

I got this message for young people,

Elders of the church, brothers, sisters in the lord

you claim you love Christ and wanna his work  done

Leaders in the nation

Jesus told me to say this




Verse 2(Trestar)

(Eyo pass me the mic, I need to tell’em something)

Rise up rise up

Every body rise up

These ain't bells of celebration

Its the great commission

Many souls are dying hope you hear  them crying

The harvest is so large so we better take our positions

Spread the gospel wider throughout the whole universe

Not forgetting God's call to restore all the prisoners

Crying out for help from the torment of the enemy

Dats the new call for the age you and me

Stand up stand up

Every body march on

Its the battle ringtone

Receive the battle call

Letting Jesus take the front raw

Without His lead men we end up in a fall

You know am not rapping for my pride

Am rapping by his grace just to offer him praise

To all those living in vanity

Better stand up for sanity

Coz we heading for eternity




Verse 3(Bmp &Ril)


Mukama gw'abisobola

Bwenalingankaba (nkaba)ssebowansumula

Abantu ngabagamba ntimala biseera

Nti ndimuleera

Laba omuleera Oh My God

I say rise up rise up

Sawaayakuzukuka (rise up)

Time to defeat the enemy

Tusewo enkyukakyuka

Tuwangule emwoyo eri Kristu

Kubanga kyeyatuma

Namwe mwakisomako

Eeeeeeh yiiiiiiiiii



Ama rise in the arms of the lord

Like a bird that's Never flown before

I swear I'll never turn my back (never turn my back on you)

This man died for you and me

Let’s rise and lifthim up like never before (like never before)

Creator of the universe king of kings

He's the Lord of lords



Rise up

You and me

Rise up

Lets lift him up

Exalt his name

He's lord the way, the truth and life

2 Chronicles 7:14

If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves pray, seek my face and turn away from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land

(Rise up)

Its S.W.A.T 4:24, emiziki studios


Benno one love

Tripple CM for ever

SWAT 4:24

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