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Olimulokole? art work


Brian Wade

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About Olimulokole?

This song is as a result from what people have been asking me about, who am I in Christ? ,am I a new creation since I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and saviour?, who is a born again Christian?, what should be my actions from the pressure of the society that I live in as a born again Christian?, how do I look at the negative energy in the world as a born again Christian?, how do I treat fellow humans as a born again Christian ?,

some judge me by my clothes, my weaknesses, my struggles. But they forget that am not perfect. My replies in this song are what a true born again christian shud be like. Even though me as a person can't match 100% to it .I ain't trying to play perfect am trying to print a perfect picture of who a true born again Christian should be like, basing on the Holy book of Christians.

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