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I'm called Rwothomio Charles well-known bro.Charles I'm Kebu by tribe from westnile, I'm 25 years old.

I was born in the families of 10 children's with 6 girls and 4boys, I'm the 4th born and the first boy in our family.


I went to Papaga primary school.then Mvuranyi primary school in 2004.then joined back Papaga primary school in 2005 till I complete my primary level of education.

Went to Zeu secondary school in 2011, whereby I only studies for two years then due to luck of school fees I dropped out of school then later joined Kampala in 2013.luckily in just few weeks I got a job though the job was not been paying me well then later as I grow up in Catholic family though I been not attending their services much here in Kampala when God append my eyes I know truth and the truth had set me free I been able to revived salvation in 2013.

  At the end of year 2015 I had lost my job then life turned against me so I had to decided to come and stay with my aunt there I spend only two month her husband fired me out of there home so I had to sold some of my properties and joined hand to get her with my cousins bro. Becouse at that time I had got some job at construction site where I have able to raised some little money for survival then later when our contract had ended life been tuff on me ending up my cousins bro.even turned against me , so I had to joined stree becouse i though that it would work for me.but while I was in my I have been mostly spending my time in churches then at night I then joined street till one day one of my cousin bro.asked me to stay with him at his home.then 2017 on December I got a job which I'm still doing up to now it's paying me well becouse God answer my request. 


As I had God call upon my life I had toldme to open my own ministries to served him so in this year on October I opened up an online church called JAANAI MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL AND JAANAI MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT 

which is almost across all social media platforms.but mostly I operat on YouTube and on Facebook.